“Rimini is like the Blues, it has a bit of everything.” (Luciano Ligabue)

Whether you are a true globe trotter set off to see the world on a low budget, or you can afford to book a suite at Federico Fellini’s five-star Grand Hotel, Rimini, "the city of small villas", is the place to go!

The most famous seaside resort on the Adriatic Riviera, Rimini is truly a place of artistic and cultural interest, a place that breathes out the unique force and energy of the many Roman and Renaissance masterpieces waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

Let yourself caught by ‘The Rimini Enchantment’,Rimini let yourself entrapped into a new tourist brand embodied by the 227 bathing establishments and 1100 hotels, by the Kursaal - constructed to host sumptuous social events, or, by the first-rate entertaining facilities for children; indulge yourself with the aperitifs served on the beach, followed by an exquisite late dinner on the sea breeze. You cannot but love it!

A former colony of the Roman Empire (Ariminum), Rimini is still pending between past and present, and boasting about the pride and glory of the long gone days, the ruins of which stand as hard evidence today: the Piazza Tre Martiri - a large forum, two central streets - the Cardo Maximus (Via Garibaldi e Via IV Novembre) and the Decumanus Maximus (Corso d’Augusto), and last, but not least, domus del chirurgo - the surgeon’s house.

Rimini is the very expression of original cultural ferments, and this is why it has always stood out among the other cities of the world: the famous names of Augustus, Hadrian, Galla Placida, Gitto instantly make you think of the city’s sumptuous archeology and cultural history disclosed by The Arch of Augustus, The Bridge of Tiberius - two triumphal monuments, The Amphitheatre - outsized by the Coliseum alone, the Church of San Stefano, or The School of Rimini – a cultural trend.

No doubt that this is far from being a comprehensive list. However, closing in to the modern world, Luigi Poletti should also be added on the list as the father of the modern Neoclassical Rimini which can still be seen in the architecture of the theatre designed by him, or of the palaces built along Corso Augusto.

Unquestionably, this must be the bit of everything that you will get while in Rimini!

Other Italian Resorts on the Adriatic Sea

Jesolo is a destination containing all the ingredients necessary for unforgettable vacations. Beaches stretching for 15 kilometers, shopping opportunities, golf and trips in the surroundings, all these recommend Jesolo as a virtually complete alternative on the Adriatic Sea.

Caorle is advisable for those who want to complement sunbathing with cultural circuits and with nature exploration. These activities are enabled, beaches proper aside, by the historic center of Caorle and by its lagoon.

Grado, on the other hand, strikes by its resemblance to Venice, being in fact dubbed the miniature Venice. Besides its overall dash, Grado gets even more interesting when deepening its specific beauties and opportunities, of which the lagoon and the traditional casoni are but an example.

What is impressive about Bibione is it blends into a single coherent picture several heterogeneous elements. Untamed nature and spa treatments, forests and sunbathing, sports activities and shopping opportunities are all available in Bibione.

The likelihood of getting bored in Lignano is close to nothing, since this resort comes with an overwhelming offer of pastime activities and facilities. Ranging from the mere sunbathing to nightlife and golf and dish and wine sampling, Lignano should definitely not be overlooked as alternative in terms of resorts on the Adriatic Sea.

The plethora of tourist activities in Lignano is sustained by a proficient tourist infrastructure which, in terms of accommodation, comes down to some 150 hotels. The hotels in Lignano suit all pockets and tastes, which is no dismissible feature.

Located some 10 kilometers southwards from Rimini, Riccione is a highly popular destination on the Adriatic Sea. The success of this resort to the huge tourist flow is substantiated, amongst others, by the more than 500 establishments offering accommodation solutions, hotels included.

Hotels in Rimini

Park Hotel Park Rimini
Regina Elena 57 Hotel Regina Elena 57 Rimini
President Hotel President Rimini
Luxor Hotel Luxor Rimini

Residences in Rimini

Rooms Perazzini Teresina Residence Rooms Perazzini Teresina Rimini
Rooms Corbelli Lina Residence Rooms Corbelli Lina Rimini

Bed & Breakfast in Rimini

Antolini Marco Bed & Breakfast Antolini Marco Rimini
Rosso di Sera Bed & Breakfast Rosso di Sera Rimini

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An old tower in rimini
An old tower in rimini
Ancient bell tower in rimini
Ancient bell tower in rimini
Boat on the beach in rimini
Boat on the beach in rimini
Boat with colorful sail and the adriatic sea rimini
Boat with colorful sail and the adriatic sea rimini