Al Poggio

Bed & Breakfast Al Poggio Rimini

Address: Via Mondaini, 79

Bed and Breakfast "Al Poggio" is located in Villa Verucchio (Rimini), 15 km inland the largest and most popular beach of Europe on the hill side of Romagna. The house is positioned in a quiet, tranquil spot few hundred yards away from the village center, with a nice view on the Valmarecchia and 10 km...


Bed & Breakfast Anna Rimini

Address: via Tassoni, 20

Antolini Marco

Bed & Breakfast Antolini Marco Rimini

Address: via Palazzina, 170


Bed & Breakfast Ariel Rimini

Address: via Flaminia, 187


Bed & Breakfast Belvedere Rimini

Address: via San Giuseppe, 735

Black Basil

Bed & Breakfast Black Basil Rimini

Address: via Catardino, 3

Ca di Gob

Bed & Breakfast Ca di Gob Rimini

Address: Via Pedrosa, 300

Ca La Viola

Bed & Breakfast Ca La Viola Rimini

Address: via Viola, 3

Ca Raffaelli

Bed & Breakfast Ca Raffaelli Rimini

Address: via Ca Raffaelli, 16

Ca Sensoli

Bed & Breakfast Ca Sensoli Rimini

Address: via C. Sensoli di Sotto, 62

Camera e Caffe

Bed & Breakfast Camera e Caffe Rimini

Address: via 25 Marzo 1831, 4

Casa del Glicine

Bed & Breakfast Casa del Glicine Rimini

Address: via P. Albini, 1