Aviation Museum and Theme Park

The Aviation Museum and Theme Park was opened in 1995, and its fills a surface of 100,000 square meters. It is home to more than 50 planes, being the largest... Aviation Museum and Theme Park

Fellini Museum

The Fellini Museum, which is under the administration of the Federico Fellini Foundation, is located in the historic center of the city, in the very house of the artist’s family,... Fellini Museum

City Museum

The City Museum is a must-visit for all those who understand Rimini is much more than a mainstream beach resort, however high its tourist rating might be. The museum was... City Museum

Museum of Ethnographic Collections

Museo degli Sguardi is a unique presence not only within the confines of Rimini, but at a national scale. The uniqueness of this edifice is it focuses on a theme... Museum of Ethnographic Collections

Shell Museum

The mission of the Shell Museum is to keep in remembrance several essential aspects related to traditional fishing in Viserbella, but not exclusively. Thus, the museum owns the largest shell... Shell Museum

National Museum of Motorcycles

As expected, this special venue will always have its keen visitors. The National Museum of Motorcycles displays over 200 exhibits, offering visitors the opportunity to observe how this highly appreciated... National Museum of Motorcycles

Nature Museum of the Onferno Caves

The Nature Museum of the Onferno Caves undertakes the mission of preserving and disseminating information related to the researches carried out in the Nature Reserve of the Onferno Caves. It... Nature Museum of the Onferno Caves

Museum of Spa Tourism

A peculiar and yet well thought-out and useful museum refers to the so-called Balnea Museum. What is less typical about this museum it is develops its activity exclusively online. Its... Museum of Spa Tourism