There are several hotels in Rimini which comply, more or less closely, with the label of a luxury hotel. However, the only notable hotel managing to gather all the 5 stars for its reputation refers to Grand Hotel Rimini which, by its 100-year presence in Rimini is indicative both of the tourist identity and tradition of Rimini and of its ability to retain its reputation.

Grand Hotel Rimini

Grand Hotel Rimini strikes by the opulence of itsdecorative details. Its more than 100 rooms and suites, its restaurant and bar, several conference rooms, the spa and wellness center, as well as its availability to organize sundry events turn the venue into a top choice for people who cannot conceive their vacation without the perspective of luxury accommodation. Grand Hotel Rimini observes the etiquette of a classic luxury which radiates from each and every detail, as a manner of keeping in touch with its 100-year history. Indeed, opened in 1908, the hotel swings between past and present blending together a dash replete with classic decorative elements and highly modern facilities and services.

Grand Hotel Rimini
1, Parco Federico Fellini, 47921, Rimini, Italy
0039 0541 56000
0039 0541 56866
[email protected]
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