Golf in Rimini

Unlike other beach resorts, Rimini does not feature the wealth of golf courses and clubs typical of such vacation destinations. Yet, the bottom line is playing golf in Rimini or... Golf in Rimini

Tennis and squash in Rimini

Tennis is a highly rewarding sports activity that can stimulate both the body and the mind, especially if associated with various other wellness prospects. Rimini features a wealth of tennis... Tennis and squash in Rimini

Horse riding in Rimini

Horse riding seems to experience an increasingly higher rating in terms of tourist preferences. Rimini is well endowed for such a pastime, with plenty of horse riding centers which, besides... Horse riding in Rimini

Air sports in Rimini

Parachuting and kite flying are the chief air sports practicable in Rimini, though sports flying can also count in this respect. Air sports can also be learned in Rimini, which... Air sports in Rimini

Diving in Rimini

Being a beach resort, Rimini features fairly good conditions for plenty of water sports, diving included. Thus, getting to know the Adriatic Riviera from an underwater point of view might... Diving in Rimini

Sailing in Rimini

Given both its location on the Adriatic Sea and its tourist rating, Rimini features an excellent platform for sailing. Tourists are always welcomed to experience the thrill and the gratifications... Sailing in Rimini

Swimming in Rimini

Swimming is a matter of course in Rimini, given the city is not just a mere beach resort, but one top destination on the Adriatic Riviera. Besides swimming in the... Swimming in Rimini