Saying Marina di Rimini is one of the most stylish and faultless leisure harbors in the Mediterranean Sea is no overstatement. The port is fitted with all sorts of leisure facilities and its technical virtues allow all kinds of ships to enter the marina through the old port canal. The presence of a shipyard just nearby the port canal is also a plus, since the shipyard is available to all sorts of requests related to the provision of a comprehensive range of services (from varnishing to engine repairs and batteries control). At the same time, the marina shows its care for the environment protection by water recycling and depuration facilities.

In terms of services and facilities provided in Marina di Rimini, the harbor is excellently endowed. Thus, people coming to Marina di Rimini will be pleased to learn the harbor is fitted with a parking area (covered and open-air alike), with a first aid unit, with several ATMs, with a supermarket, with a bar and a restaurant, as well as with a 1,300 meters long walkway. The business area and the access to the Internet should also be mentioned. In terms of sports facilities, the diving center and the fitness center, as well as the sailing school, should be noted. Other services refer to technical and mooring assistance, coastguard and, of course, a customer service. The harbor authority is located at the marina, but the list is far from being complete.

Obviously, Marina di Rimini is one infrastructural, tourist and leisure hub of Rimini no visitor of the Adriatic Riviera should overlook.

Technical data of Marina di Rimini

Water surface:
108,000 square meters
Maximum water depth:
5 meters
Water recycling:
forced recycling in 72 hours
Harbor mouth:
55 meters
Wharf length:
1,300 meters
Piers length:
1,200 meters
Boat berths:
Car parks:

Contact information of Marina di Rimini

Rimini Harbor (Marina di Rimini)
0039 0541 294 88
0039 0541 432 644
[email protected]
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