Cervi Park

Cervi Park is one of the largest green spots in Rimini. Precisely due to its dimensions, it neighbors upon both the Roman Amphitheater and the Augustus Arch. On one side... Cervi Park

Marecchia Park

Stretching on an area of 235,000 square meters, Parco Marecchia is the largest park in Rimini. On one side it is bordered by the Tiberius Bridge, and on the other... Marecchia Park

Aromi Garden

The Aromi Garden is one of the hidden green gems of Rimini. In order to get to it, tourists should follow the signs showing the right direction, despite the spot... Aromi Garden

Quarry Park

The Quarry Park is located just nearby Rimini, within the commune of Poggio Berni, and it is a place of special scientific interest. It is, at the same time, a... Quarry Park

Planetarium Botanico

Planetarium Botanico of Rimini takes pride in being one of the cleanest nature spot in Rimini. The garden is sunken in a lush greenery freshened by a sparkling watercourse. The... Planetarium Botanico

Other gardens and nature attractions in and around Rimini

Spina Verde Miramare, Sandro Petrini Park (Parco Sandro Petrini), Aldo Moro Park (Parco Aldo Moro), Briolini Park (Parco Briolini), Lake Park, Fabri Park (Parco Febri) Other gardens and nature attractions in and around Rimini