Museo degli Sguardi is a unique presence not only within the confines of Rimini, but at a national scale. The uniqueness of this edifice is it focuses on a theme very few other museums in Italy cover.

More precisely, it features collections of ethnographic items and findings pertaining to cultures different from the European culture. Thus, Africa, Oceania, Asia and pre-Colombian cultures are more or less comprehensively and closely retraced at Museo degli Sguardi which, in part, owes its collections to private donations made by people of great anthropological views.

Indeed, the philosophy underlying the persistence of this museum on the cultural scene of Rimini (and Italy, for that matter) is people should be or learn to be more receptive and accepting of what is different from their own views and culture, opening without hostility and embracing the human diversity as it is materialized in cultural expressions.

Museum of Ethnographic Colections (Museo degli Sguardi)
Villa Alvarado, Covignano, Rimini, Italy
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