The slogan indicating the best the contribution of Acquario di Cattolica to the tourist platform of the province of Rimini reads the aquarium is the largest one on the Adriatic Sea. Regardless of its dimensions, Acquario di Cattolica is, without a doubt, a spectacular encounter with the huge empire of water and its history.

In order to provide a comprehensive insight into the specificity and history of this field, the aquarium puts forward 5 approaches conceived as 5 distinct paths, suggestively named the blue path (percorso blu), the green path (percorso verde), the purple path (percorso viola), the yellow path (percorso giallo) and the shark tank dive (immersioni in vasca squali).

The bottom line is the aquarium tries to provide both a fun discovery and an instructive lesson about the marine life and environment, but this is not an exclusive topic. At the same time, Acquario di Cattolica shelters sundry other species: boas, frogs, geckos and turtles. However, sharks do remain the most spectacular presence lurking in the large tanks of the aquarium.

The aquarium is located in Cattolica, part of the province of Rimini, only some 20 kilometers south from the city of Rimini as such.

Acquario di Cattolica
1/A, Piazzale delle Nazioni, 47841, Cattolica, Italy
0039 0541 8371 / 0039 0541 837908
0039 0541 831350
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