Fiabilandia is a kids’ fun park located in Rivazzura, between Rimini and Riccione.

Fiabilandia is the oldest theme park in Italy, and it stretches on a surface of 150,000 square meters. It was built around the Bernardo Lake, and it stands out as one of the main attractions in Rimini, a genuine kids’ paradise.

Given it has the specific profile of a kids’ park, Fiabilandia features several theme areas inspired from popular stories.

The Medieval Area comprises the entrance, the Merlino Magician Castle, office and one bazaar.

Peter Pan Gulf or the Pirates’ Gulf comprises the Skull Grotto and the pirates’ vessel.

The Oriental Area comprises the Fu-Ming Labyrinth, the Dream Lake and the La Pagoda self-service.

The Far-West Area is crossed by a main street, and it features a performance area and wild west Saloon with posters rendering the wanted.

Gigantic slides and merry-go-rounds dedicated to children can also be spotted within the park. A car track is also available, but the vehicles must be driven by the accompanying adults.

A labyrinth, a pool, a train which provides the park tour, insect exhibitions, reptile, fish and prehistoric fossil exhibitions can also be spotted here, along with a carousel and plenty other children attractions are to be found at Fiabilandia.

15, Via Cardano, 47900, Rimini, Italy
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