Just as the name might suggest, Italia in Miniatura offers a miniature version of some of the most important architectural landmarks of Italy displayed on a lay-out which tries to imitate as accurately as possible the very geographical shape of Italy. The Italian patrimony rendered by the park does not confine to the architectural heritage, but it also refers to the nature wealth and specificity of sundry regions of the country. This miniature version of Italy is precisely the grounds on which the huge popularity of the park was built in time.

Yet, there are several more interactive highlights of Italia in Miniatura which, they too, contribute to this park’s appeal. The Science Funfair, an Interactive Driving School for the little ones, as well as several water fun facilities (Cannonacqua, gondola tours) enhance the rating of the park which, as it seems, enriches its patrimony by the year.

Italia in Miniatura
239, Via Popilia, 47922, Viserba di Rimini, Rimini, Italy
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