Mirabilandia is located some 50 kilometers north from Rimini, but, given its position on Strada Statale which links it directly to Rimini, one might easily consider it a fine daytrip idea. And, on top of that, the inner asset can be a definite closer for tourists who travel together with their family.

Indeed, Mirabilandia is fitted with fun facilities accommodated with various age and taste categories. Thus, just to give a few examples, the Carousel, Ottoland and the Family Adventure have been conceived precisely for the little ones, whereas, on the other hand, the so-called Discovery, Columbia and Katun are the top of extreme fun opportunities, offering the utmost adrenalin rush.

Mirabilandia Beach is, it too, an attraction not to be overlooked. The beach and its amenities are what give Mirabilandia the profile of a water park.

Mirabilandia is, obviously, both a funfair and a water park, a leisure opportunity tourists accommodated in Rimini should definitely check out.

Strada Statale 16 Adriatica, km 162, 48125, Savio, Ravena, Italy
0039 0544 561156
0039 0544 560195
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