Rimini Delfinario is located in the harbor area of the city, on Lungomare Tintori, right on the seashore, and it shelters 6 dolphins of which the one called Lapo was born in 2007.

The dolphinarium is home to a spectacular sea museum which displays and exhibition consisting of cetaceans, marine invertebrates and other aquatic exhibits. Visitors can also see several aquariums which reproduce marine and fluvial environments, with various types of fish. The dolphin shows are one of the major highlights of the park.

Rimini Delfinario is opened March to September. For admission, visitors must pay € 10 for a whole ticket and € 7 for a reduced ticket.

In order to get to Rimini Delfinario by using the public means of transport, tourists can take bus number 7 or tramway 11. A14 Motorway should be followed by the ones who want to get here by car, provided that they pay attention to the signs indicating the area of Porto Canale and Mare.

Rimini Delfinario
2, Lungomare Tintori, 47900, Rimini, Italy
0039 0541 50298
0039 0541 50362
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