Located some 30 kilometers southwest from the city of Rimni, but within the confines of the province all the same, Skypark is the most notable adventure park nearby the Adriatic Riviera. In fact, it is one of the largest in the entire Italy, and it is an excellent opportunity for people tired of beach related activities, landscapes and perspectives to diversify their stay on the Adriatic Riviera with a greener, more dynamic and highly rewarding experience.

The so-called yellow, orange and brown paths, the green and blue paths, as well as the red and the black paths have been conceived for several categories of visitors on the criteria of age and height. Thus, both children over 2 years, as well as the most daring of visitors will find their exploration needs fully complied with by the offer of the park. Wall climbing is, it too, possible at Skypark.

Relaxation and thrill are complemented at Skypark by the fact the park tries to sensitize the public to environment protection issues, setting an example by its own manner of organizing the activities, that is, relying completely on clean an renewable sources of energy. All programs dedicated to boosting the respect for nature are brought together under the name of Master Tree.

Via Grappa Monte Aquilone, 61017, Perticara di Novafeltria, Italy
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