The Amintore Galli Theater is located in Piazza Cavour and, despite the fact this monumental structure has lost much of its past shine, it is still a striking appearance worth appreciating for its merits.

It was only in 1857 that the former New Theater, as it was called initially, opened its gates to the public. In fact, the theater worked as a genuine cradle for the cultural life of Rimini, hosting plenty of music and theater performances. The classic architecture structure of the theater is now a derelict vestige which, nevertheless, manages to call forth the past splendor of this place of extraordinary cultural effervescence. The present condition of the Amintore Galli Theater is owed to the heavy bombings during the Second World War: the edifice is one of the regretted victims of this 20th century conflagration.

Amintore Galli Theater (Teatro Amintore Galli)
Piazza Cavour, Rimini, Italy