Piazza Cavour is located in the very center of Rimini. It is overtopped by Palazzo del Podesta and Palazzo dell’Arengo, and other attractions nearby it refer to Tempio Malatestiano, Palazzo Gambalunga and, at north, Museo della Citta (the City Museum). Ponte di Tiberio can be easily reached from Piazza Cavour, by following Corso d’Augusto.

Locals of Rimini are very fond of Piazza Cavour, given it is the place where they spend much of their daily spare time. Having a good time is possible by means of the coffee shops dotting one side of the square. Piazza Cavour is, together with Piazza Malatesta, the place where the largest open air market in Emilia Romanga is held each week (Wednesdays and Saturdays). The center of the square has been marked by the statue of Pope Paul V since the early 17th century. The effect yielded by this statue is complemented by the presence of la Fontana della Pigna, a fountain dating back to 1543. The fountain is said to have been appreciated and admired by Leonardo da Vinci himself for its balanced structure and effect.

Obviously, Piazza Cavour, one of the oldest public squares in Rimini, must be appreciated both for its historic reputation and for its ability to accommodate with the requirements of contemporary tourism. Piazza Cavour should also be appreciated for its proximity to the other two historic squares of Rimini, Piazza Malatesta and Piazza Tre Martiri.

La Pescheria Vecchia is another notable historic public place of Rimini, its entrance being located in Piazza Cavour. This concentration of attractions in this part of Rimini yields a highly compact and dense tourist hotspot which should definitely be searched out by visitors.

Piazza Cavour
47921, Rimini, Italy