Due to its historic and archeological worth, Domus del Chirurgo is, at present, more of a museum than an open air site. The site was turned into an indoor venue in order to help to the preservation of the findings. The name of this site might be a little misleading. The archeological area amounts to more than 700 square meters, and only one section of it is actually filled by the Surgeon’s House as such.

Indeed, the site is reputed for being one of the largest and most valuable deposits of antique pharmaceutical and surgical tools and equipments, but it is also an evidence of how urban planning used to be made in the past. The site contains the traces of the antique and medieval settlements in nowadays Rimini, as well as vestiges of architectural structures dating back to the Modern Era.

Domus del Chirurgo is actually one of the most important architectural sites in Rimini, along with the Roman Amphitheater, and it is a must-visit for tourists who want to discover the city in its rich historic patrimony. Domus del Chirurgo was first opened to the public in 2007.

Surgeon’s House (Domus del Chirurgo)
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