Villa Gioiosa

  1. Hotel Villa Gioiosa Rimini

Address: Via Adria, 2

Villa Katia

  1. Hotel Villa Katia Rimini

Address: Via Pomezia, 16

The Hotel Villa Katia is situated in the zone centers them of Miramare (Rimini) 50 meters from sea and 150 from the Terme. Our management always has been characterized from good kitchen, directly cured from the family.


  1. Hotel Vedea Rimini

Address: Via Latina 4 - 4790

Vela Azzurra

  1. Hotel Vela Azzurra Rimini

Address: Via Martinelli 14

The Hotel Villa Azzurra in Miramare di Rimini has been operated by the Villa family since 1955. The Hotel provides a pleasant homely atmosphere. The whole structure was completely refurbished and modernised.

Villa Capriccio

  1. Hotel Villa Capriccio Rimini

Address: Via Marconi, 2

Villa Del Sole

  1. Hotel Villa Del Sole Rimini

Address: Via Marconi 25 - 47900

The Villa del Sole Hotels is situated in a shady position near to the sea. The hotel rooms have air-conditioning, private bathroom, interphone, directdial, telephone and balcony. Lift - Spacious dining-room with air-conditioning - Lounge - Bar/TV - Veranda. Private cabins on the beach. Particulary well cared cooking. Children play-area and free strong-box service. Family...

Villa Lavinia

  1. Hotel Villa Lavinia Rimini

Address: Via Latina 11 - 47900

Villa Maria

  1. Hotel Villa Maria Rimini

Address: Via Oliveti 84 - 47900

Villa Nadia

  1. Hotel Villa Nadia Rimini

Address: Via Pomezia 6 - 47900