1. Hotel Radar Rimini

Address: Viale Giusti, 4 - 47900

The property provides high quality services, friendly and attentive staff and offers a warm atmosphere to ensure guests pleasant and relaxing stays. The Radar hotel is located in the very heart of Rimini Marina, in a convenient position for both business and leisure stays. For the beach lovers and for those whose wish to relax, the...


  1. Hotel Rex Rimini

Address: Via Scilla, 1 - 47900 Rimini

The Rex Hotel, which was fully renovated in 2005, is situated along the elegant promenade of Rimini Marina Centro, a short distance from the beach and the new exhibition centre.


  1. Hotel Rondinella Rimini

Address: Via B. Neri 3 - 47900 Rimini

At the Rondinella Hotel, where the same family has handed down hospitality from father to son for over 50 years, guests strike up friendships which cement year after year.