1. Hotel Perugini Rimini

Address: Via Perugini, 22, 47900 Rimini (RN)

At Marebello. 16 rooms with ensuite, telephone, safebox. Car park, children's games, garden.

San Marco

  1. Hotel San Marco Rimini

Address: Via Siracusa, 27, 47900 Rimini (RN)

At Marebello, open all year round. 34 rooms with ensuite. Car park, garden.


  1. Hotel Velvet Rimini

Address: Viale Portofino, 20, 47900 Rimini (RN)

At Marebello. 24 rooms with ensuite, telephone. Car park, garden.

Villa Giacomini

  1. Hotel Villa Giacomini Rimini

Address: Via delle Colonie, 18, 47900 Rimini (RN)

At Marebello. 28 rooms with ensuite. Car park.

Nanni Garni

  1. Hotel Nanni Garni Rimini

Address: Via Taranto, 25 - 47900 Rimini (RN)

Villa Sonia

  1. Hotel Villa Sonia Rimini

Address: V. Enna, 7 - 47900 Rimini


  1. Hotel Majorca Rimini

Address: Viale Rapallo, 9 - 47900 Marebello

The Majorca Hotel, in Marebello di Rimini, is placed in a tree-lined and calm avenue, next to the seaside. It’s been directly run by the owners for over 40 years, trying to meet at best its guests’ needs.

Fra I Pini Dip

  1. Hotel Fra I Pini Dip Rimini

Address: Via Pedrizzi, 13

The Hotel Fra i Pini Dependence is an invitation to holidays, fine cuisine and enjoyment. In the spacious shady garden, sat in the evening cool, you'll enjoy moments of absolute relaxation, forgetting the worries and stress of daily routine.