1. Hotel Arlesiana Rimini

Address: Via Delle Bande Nere 10

Hotel Arlesiana is situated 50 metres from the beach in an avenue with an entrance to a public park. Amenities at the hotel include a spacious dining room, bar, TV room, a very large shaded garden with gazebo, top­quality cuisine, changing cabins on beach and adjacent public car park. You will rest in comfortable and...


  1. Hotel Ottavia Rimini

Address: Via U. Di Miniello, 10

The Hotel Ottavia is a small friendly place situated in San Giuliano Mare, 1,5 km from Rimini Central railway station, very close to the new Exibition center, in a quiet and shaded place only a few steps from the beach. And from the town center It is a family hotel with a fine atmosphere, where...


  1. Hotel Petula Rimini

Address: Via Tommasini, 3

The Hotel Petula can be considered as a home away from home. We offer a personalized service and a familiar atmosphere. The Hotel Petula is a Quality Hotel situated in a pleasant and quiet position, 50 m from the beach (the ideal solution for families with children) a few bus stops from the railway station...


  1. Hotel Savini Rimini

Address: Via Zavagli, 111

Welcome, we are happy to show you, through these pages, the mean features of our Hotel, so you'll find out with us why a holiday at Park Hotel Serena is truly unforgettable.


  1. Hotel Toledo Rimini

Address: Via G.delle Bande Nere, 22

Toledo is a little hotel nearby a wide seaside resort and very close to the wonderful Darsena di Marina di Rimini. But the top, for who will stay at Toledo Hotel, is that will have a 3­star service for meals in a sunny, spacious room at Betty Hotel***, only 10 metres far.


  1. Hotel Giacinta Rimini

Address: Via Garattoni, 16


  1. Hotel Gladiola Rimini

Address: via Farnese, 8


  1. Hotel Lory Rimini

Address: Via Nicolini, 16


  1. Hotel Maioli Rimini

Address: Via Lucio Lando, 38


  1. Hotel Marinarella Rimini

Address: Via Rinaldi 13 - 47900


  1. Hotel Melrose Rimini

Address: Via Rinaldi 18 - 47900

Villa Deanna

  1. Hotel Villa Deanna Rimini

Address: Via C. Zavagli 94/A