Milano Mare

  1. Hotel Milano Mare Rimini

Address: Viale G. Dati 41


  1. Hotel Nadia Rimini

Address: Via Palotta, 7


  1. Hotel Rolanda Rimini

Address: Via Dati, 57

Rolanda Hotel is situated just on the beach in Viserba di Rimini. It’s agreeably furnished and the zone where it’s placed is rich of shops, restaurants and play-rooms. All rooms are equipped with: color TV, balcony, toilet and bathroom, direct telephone.


  1. Hotel Romagnola Rimini

Address: Via G. Dati, 50


  1. Hotel Rossella Rimini

Address: Via Roma, 7

29 rooms with ensuite, tv. Car park.

Sabrina Nord

  1. Hotel Sabrina Nord Rimini

Address: Via Don Minzoni, 13


  1. Hotel Serenella Rimini

Address: Viale Palotta, 9

Saint Paul

  1. Hotel Saint Paul Rimini

Address: Loc. Viserba Via Morri

Tre Sirene

  1. Hotel Tre Sirene Rimini

Address: Via Piacenza, 3


  1. Hotel Turismo Rimini

Address: Via Piacenza, 10

Villa Luciana

  1. Hotel Villa Luciana Rimini

Address: Via Dati, 109 - 47900

Villa Luciana is a cosy small family owned hotel completely renewed, situated directly on the beach – just 5 steps to the sea -, in the town center of Viserba. The Hotel is obtained from one of the first begin of century “villini”, in the hearth of the Queen of Waters, the...

Villa Parigina

  1. Hotel Villa Parigina Rimini

Address: Viale Novegno, 1