1. Hotel Leoni Rimini

Address: Viale Regina Elena, 106 - 47900

The garden upon the promenade is equipped with Vimini-furniture, 2 wooden pavilions give shade. A movable roof gives shelter in case of bad weather.


  1. Hotel Leopardi Rimini

Address: Via Leopardi, 4

Hotel LEOPARDI is placed in a beautiful position, 50 meters far from the seaside. It offers a wide parking, every kind of modern comfort, the delicious Emilia-Romagna cuisine, private services in all rooms, hairdryer, lift, telephone, TV, conditioned air.


  1. Hotel Letizia Rimini

Address: Viale S. Francesco, 12


  1. Hotel Liana Rimini

Address: Via Lagomaggio, 168

The Liana Hotel is located near the seaside. En-suite rooms provided with shower, telephone, TV socket and balcony. Liana Hotel, your summer on the Riviera! Private parking area, 100 metres far from the Hotel. Familiar atmosphere. Large dining room. Hall with bar. Welcoming coffee terrace.


  1. Hotel Lido Rimini

Address: Via G. Dati, 95 - 47900 Viserba

An old-fashioned and refined Liberty-style hotel, provided with wide rooms, directly facing the sea and with a direct link to the beach. It was completely refurbished, but still maintains its historical features and the refined atmosphere, typical of the beginning of the 20° century. Moreover, the Lido Hotel is provided with every kind of comforts.


  1. Hotel Lilla Rimini

Address: VIA TRENTO 28 - 47900 Rimini


  1. Hotel Lina Rimini

Address: Via Capizucchi, 6


  1. Hotel Liston Rimini

Address: Via Giusti, 8

Hotel LISTON, is just a short distance from the sea in a quiet central zone.


  1. Hotel Little Rimini

Address: Viale Gubbio 16


  1. Hotel Litz Rimini

Address: Viale Brunelli, 10 - 47900

Only 50 m from the sea in shady and quiet location, about 4 km from the fair.


  1. Hotel Liu Rimini

Address: Via delle Colonie, 9

The completely re­modernized Hotel Liù situated near the sea offers sincere hospitality thanks to the availability of the Ricci family, the director, and the owner of the hotel. Their long and vast experience in the field of hotel management is sure to satisfy your every desire and offer an elegant and modern atmosphere.


  1. Hotel Liverpool Rimini

Address: Viale Bergamo, 8

The hotel Liverpool has all comforts, to make your stay pleasant, with many possibilities of nightlife but also to relax, two things "Romagna" is famous for.