1. Hotel Alfa Rimini

Address: Via Dogali, 6

The Alfa Hotel is situated just in the heart of Torre Pedrera di Rimini, a thriving seaside resort of the Riviera Romagnola which provides excellent tourist accommodation, fun, good cooking and hospitality. The Alfa Hotel is the ideal destination for those who want to spend a holiday at the seaside...moreover, a short distance from the...


  1. Hotel Astrid Rimini

Address: Via Chisimaio, 6

Aurora Nord

  1. Hotel Aurora Nord Rimini

Address: Via San Salvador, 29

The hotel is situated directly on the beach, ideal position to enjoy the adriatic sea. Ideal for families with children who want to stay on the beach, ideal for young people who wants to amuse the nigth life. Ideal for all people who want relax and rooms with wonderful view. For business men who visit...