1. Hotel Bahama Rimini
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Address: Via Giovanni Delle Bande Nere N.7

Hotel Bahama is situated in a central and quiet position of Rimini, with a distance of 30 m. from the beach; it is the ideal place for your holiday by the sea. Our hotel, which is surrounded by a hue green park has been completely renewed. In addition to this it has a garden with...

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  1. Hotel Crosal Rimini
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Address: Viale C. Zavagli, 154

Situated on the magnificent beach of San Giuliano, lies the completely renovated Hotel Crosal, that offers a whole new style to your holiday, Ideal for you and your children. At any time of the year the Hotel Crosal will be at your services even business man will find themselves at home owe to the...

Hotel Crosal Rimini # Details


  1. Hotel Betty Rimini

Address: Via G Dalle Bande Nere, 14


  1. Hotel Fabiana Rimini

Address: Via Rinaldi, 12


  1. Hotel Marselli Rimini

Address: Via Zavagli, 77

Marselli family proposes a friendship style holiday, plain and wholesome food in a homely background. All along in our hotel cordiality and the welcome culture are the way our family eagerly manage this structure of property.

Nuovo Belvedere

  1. Hotel Nuovo Belvedere Rimini

Address: Via Ortigara, 25

Hotel Nuovo Belvedere in Rimini is situated directly by the sea in a central position. Opened All year around Completely cooled and heated


  1. Hotel Paloma Rimini

Address: Via Ortigara, 28


  1. Hotel Prestige Rimini

Address: Via G. Dalle Bande Nere, 18


  1. Hotel Ricchi Rimini

Address: Via Zavagli, 119

A hotel rich in traditions, history and experience in a renewed atmosphere that maintains its hospitality. The recent renovation rends it particulary elegant and confortable, adapted to accomodate weddings, meeting and banqueting. Ricchi hotel is located in a optimal position, calm a few meters away from the sea, from the new dock of Rimini. It...


  1. Hotel River Rimini

Address: Via Ortigara, 21

Very close to Rimini's centre, immersed in an oasis of quiet in front of the sea, Hotel River offers its guests all the warmth and the comfort of a three­ stars familiar atmosphere. We will receive you all the year long in a very comfortable milieu that will make your moments of relax, and that...

Smarty Park

  1. Hotel Smarty Park Rimini

Address: Via Ortigara, 41


  1. Hotel Spring Rimini

Address: Via G. Dalle Bande Nere, 8

Hotel Spring is beside the sea, in a central quiet area near a public park. Resteurant, living room, bar, watching Satellite TV room, lift, parking, bathing hut.