1. Hotel Radiosa Rimini

Address: Via Bergamo, 19 - 47900


  1. Hotel Ramona Rimini

Address: Via Pegli, 20 - 47900

The Hotel Ramona, which has been renovated throughout, is close in the heart of the coastal part of the resort of Rimini. All the rooms modernly are furnished, equipped of tropical fans, safe and of all the confort.


  1. Hotel Reno Rimini

Address: Via Taranto, 23 - 47900


  1. Hotel Riccardi Rimini

Address: Via San Salvador, 100 - 47812 Torre Pedrera


  1. Hotel Ricci Rimini

Address: Via Latina, 8

The traditional cuisine is very well cared and offers special dishes typical of the area always accompanied with a rich vegetable buffet. The Hotel is managed directly by the owners. Bus stop n. 29 All the rooms are equipped with showers, private services, balcony, direct telephone and television.


  1. Hotel Ridens Rimini

Address: Viale Porto Palos, 158


  1. Hotel Rinaldi Rimini

Address: Via Macallè, 26, 47900 Rimini (RN)


  1. Hotel Rinaldini Rimini

Address: Via Duranti, 29 - 47811


  1. Hotel Rolanda Rimini

Address: Via Dati, 57

Rolanda Hotel is situated just on the beach in Viserba di Rimini. It’s agreeably furnished and the zone where it’s placed is rich of shops, restaurants and play-rooms. All rooms are equipped with: color TV, balcony, toilet and bathroom, direct telephone.

Roma Spiaggia

  1. Hotel Roma Spiaggia Rimini

Address: Via Dati, 101

The hotel has been completely refurbished and air­conditioned. It enjoys a special location providind direct access to the beach.


  1. Hotel Romagnola Rimini

Address: Via G. Dati, 50


  1. Hotel Romina Rimini

Address: Via Catania 4 - 47900