1. Hotel Teodorani Rimini

Address: V. Lucinico, 24 - 47900


  1. Hotel Toledo Rimini

Address: Via G.delle Bande Nere, 22

Toledo is a little hotel nearby a wide seaside resort and very close to the wonderful Darsena di Marina di Rimini. But the top, for who will stay at Toledo Hotel, is that will have a 3­star service for meals in a sunny, spacious room at Betty Hotel***, only 10 metres far.

Tre Sirene

  1. Hotel Tre Sirene Rimini

Address: Via Piacenza, 3


  1. Hotel Trocadero Rimini

Address: VIA G. Laurentini, 8 - 47900


  1. Hotel Turismo Rimini

Address: Via Piacenza, 10