1. Hotel Stoccarda Rimini

Address: via Regina Margherira, 49


  1. Hotel Simon Rimini

Address: Via Giuba, 4


  1. Hotel Sabrina Rimini

Address: Via Tirrenia, 7


  1. Hotel Susanna Rimini

Address: Via C. Botteghi, 3


  1. Hotel Savini Rimini

Address: Via Zavagli, 111

Welcome, we are happy to show you, through these pages, the mean features of our Hotel, so you'll find out with us why a holiday at Park Hotel Serena is truly unforgettable.


  1. Hotel Settebello Rimini

Address: Via Genghini, 2

San Marco

  1. Hotel San Marco Rimini

Address: Via Siracusa, 27, 47900 Rimini (RN)

At Marebello, open all year round. 34 rooms with ensuite. Car park, garden.


  1. Hotel Sonne Rimini

Address: Via Sirte, 11 - 47812 Torre Pedrera

Sabbia D Oro

  1. Hotel Sabbia D Oro Rimini

Address: V. Timavo, 5 - 47900 Rimini

Saragony S

  1. Hotel Saragony S Rimini

Address: V. XXV Marzo 1831, 19 - 47900


  1. Hotel Sirena Rimini

Address: Via Oliveti 103

Sabrina Nord

  1. Hotel Sabrina Nord Rimini

Address: Via Don Minzoni, 13