Anfora Villa Bernabe

  1. Hotel Anfora Villa Bernabe Rimini

Address: Via Gorizia, 2


  1. Hotel Aquila Rimini

Address: Viale Porto Palos, 13

Welcome to the Hotel Aquila... Greeting you the hotel staff invites you to this small travel trough the hotel's services. Be our guests.


  1. Hotel Aran Rimini

Address: Via Siracusa, 38


  1. Hotel Argo Rimini

Address: Via A. Ponchielli, 13

Buffet breakfast. Vegetables and fruit buffet at lunch and dinner. Fish or meat menu at choice. Home­maid cooking particularly cared with excellent specials and genuine tastes. Children menu. Air conditioned dining room, bar, tv.lounge. A large tree­lined garden and a 400 private parking. Rooms are wide and comfortables, all with personal air conditioning, private...


  1. Hotel Ariosto Rimini

Address: Viale Ludovico Ariosto, 2/B


  1. Hotel Arix Rimini

Address: Via Messina, 3


  1. Hotel Arlesiana Rimini

Address: Via Delle Bande Nere 10

Hotel Arlesiana is situated 50 metres from the beach in an avenue with an entrance to a public park. Amenities at the hotel include a spacious dining room, bar, TV room, a very large shaded garden with gazebo, top­quality cuisine, changing cabins on beach and adjacent public car park. You will rest in comfortable and...


  1. Hotel Astrid Rimini

Address: Via Chisimaio, 6


  1. Hotel Athena Rimini

Address: Via G. Martinelli, 17

Aurora Nord

  1. Hotel Aurora Nord Rimini

Address: Via San Salvador, 29

The hotel is situated directly on the beach, ideal position to enjoy the adriatic sea. Ideal for families with children who want to stay on the beach, ideal for young people who wants to amuse the nigth life. Ideal for all people who want relax and rooms with wonderful view. For business men who visit...


  1. Hotel Austin Rimini

Address: Via Birindisi, 33


  1. Hotel Austria Rimini

Address: Via Catania, 11