1. Hotel Maena Rimini

Address: Via Santa Teresa, 7


  1. Hotel Mamy Rimini

Address: Via Rimembranze 77

The Hotel Mamy is a new build situated in Rimini Bellariva, in a quiet and shaded place and only a few steps from the beach. It is a family hotel with a fine atmosphere, where you will find a hearty welcome. We are waiting for you!

Moby Dick

  1. Hotel Moby Dick Rimini

Address: Via Torelli, 4


  1. Hotel Nella Rimini

Address: Viale Rimembranze,

The cooking is typical of Romagna, rich in home­made pasta, tasty fish and meat dishes suitable for persons of all ages. Rich vegetable buffet at lunch and dinner; breakfast buffet. Charm and receptiveness are our main characteristics, typical of Romagna. The careful for the health rules is our main asset.


  1. Hotel Oletta Rimini

Address: Via Torelli, 35


  1. Hotel Orlov Rimini

Address: Viale Ferrara, 40


  1. Hotel Stoccarda Rimini

Address: via Regina Margherira, 49

Villa Anny

  1. Hotel Villa Anny Rimini

Address: Viale Ancona, 10

Villa Del Prato

  1. Hotel Villa Del Prato Rimini

Address: Via San Francesco 8

Villa Santanna

  1. Hotel Villa Santanna Rimini

Address: Viale Regina Elena, 243

There is a lift, dining room, colour TV, free car parking and last but not least a warm welcome. All the bedrooms are nicely furnished. They have private bathrooms, balcony direct telephone, colour TV, hair dryer and a safe.


  1. Hotel Alfa Rimini

Address: Via Dogali, 6

The Alfa Hotel is situated just in the heart of Torre Pedrera di Rimini, a thriving seaside resort of the Riviera Romagnola which provides excellent tourist accommodation, fun, good cooking and hospitality. The Alfa Hotel is the ideal destination for those who want to spend a holiday at the seaside...moreover, a short distance from the...


  1. Hotel Astrid Rimini

Address: Via Chisimaio, 6